USM Evolution During a Growing Part-Out Fleet 2021 and Beyond / by Alex Tuttle

Author: gatelesis

A key aspect of selling USM (Used Serviceable Material) starts with the price point.  Some would say that it’s everything, but those who look deeper know that it’s not.  Because of the lack of perfect information, the simple task of determining a price based on supply and demand is never easy.  That job just became infinitely more difficult with the COVID-19 downturn.  An unimaginable number of aircraft are currently parked, creating myriad aircraft and engine maintenance deferrals, and soon they will be readied for permanent retirement.  At GA Telesis we ask ourselves the following questions. How do we adapt?  How long will it take us to see our industry thrive again?  What will it take to properly source and sell inventory to satisfy our customers?

Over our 18+ years in business, GA Telesis has accumulated terabytes of data and created numerous metrics to guide our teams in pricing our aircraft and engine inventories.  With what we are about to face, pricing guidelines and parameters will be difficult to apply to the current and future USM markets.   However, the all the data and all the ancillary metrics, the best metric to follow is the voice of our customer and sales teams.

The GA Telesis Component Solutions Group’s (CSG) global sales team is very key to the success of our selling airframe and engine USM.   CSG sales works hard to support the customers’ needs.  Our product support teams work closely with the sales teams to ensure they have the right parts, in the right condition in the right distribution center.  These trying times will call for an increased customer focus, and our team is up for the task.

GA Telesis has always led the path towards the highest pedigree of USM inventory and quality processes; while ensuring our customers the best purchasing experience. Quality parts without fail, and monthly on-time delivery performance are essential to success and repeated sales.  Our expectation of excellence drives our quality and operational performance.  And above all, holding our vendors to the highest standards provides assurances that we can successfully support our clients on time and with the highest quality standards.  So, what really goes into price point with such high standards?

  • Robust supply-chain process with only suppliers approved under ASA/AS9120 standards
  • Inventory sourced with complete and accurate traceability
  • Aircraft and Engines disassembled by accredited AFRA companies
  • Repair vendors with the highest rated performance available
  • Managing the repair tag and dates to ensuring our parts have fresh tags
  • Warranty coverage
  • SB, AD, and engineering order inclusion
  • Complete Back to Birth (BTB) for life-limited parts
  • Logistics management

Although the USM industry is in a period of difficulty, it will evolve and improve as it has in the past.  With a worldwide sales team, experienced product support, global distribution operations, and quality excellence, GA Telesis is about to drive new and innovative all-inclusive price point evolution in USM market.   Our business is integrated aviation solutions. Our mission is customer success.