Top Things to do in Bimini

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Fifty miles east of South Florida one can find Bimini – the Bahamian island closest to the United States. At first glance, the majority of the 8.88 square mile island may appear uninteresting and underdeveloped; however, Bimini is, in fact, a major tourist destination easily accessible by both boat and plane. Whether it be the natural beauty of the island, the extensive oceanic ecosystem, the fishing, the local food, or partying and gambling, there are a lot of things to do in Bimini.

Things to do in Bimini

Where to go in Bimini: While the three-room airport can be found on South Bimini, along with the Bimini Sands Resort, the majority of the action happens in North Bimini. The two most popular resorts in North Bimini are Resorts World Hilton and Big Game Club.

Big Game Club: Big Game Club is known as a fishing-driven establishment and the place where Ernest Hemingway stayed when he would regularly visit. It is where to go in Bimini to have your freshly caught seafood turned into a delicious dinner. Catch stunning views of crystal clear water and immerse yourself in the Bahamian lifestyle.

Resorts World Hilton: Resorts World Hilton is known for its luxury, casino, and parties. At Resorts World Hilton, Luna Beach is one of the main attractions. This beach on the east coast of the island is where many people go to relax, grab a mix of local Bahamian and American food, jet ski, and party throughout the day and night. Some busier destinations at the resort are the lazy river pool on the lobby floor of the hotel and the adult only rooftop infinity pool. These two pools, as well as Luna Beach, are known to have DJs performing throughout the day and night so that the Bahamian Bash never stops. Now that you know more about where to stay in Bimini, check out the many fun things there are to do.

The Shipwreck: Outside of the two resorts, there are several local attractions and restaurants that you can find visitors flocking to. The SS Sapona is a concrete-hulled cargo steamer that ran aground in 1926 and now is a huge snorkeling destination. I would highly recommend putting this destination on your what to see in Bimini list because people will take boats to the shipwreck and snorkel around it or climb up the grounded ship and jump off into the crystal clear, blue water below.

Honeymoon Harbor: A couple of miles farther offshore is Honeymoon Harbor, the other main what to see in Bimini destination. Honeymoon Harbor is the main spot near the island where boaters will go to anchor, swim, and have a good time. The catch with Honeymoon Harbor, however, is that it is home to several dozen wild stingrays and occasionally a few sharks. The stingrays and sharks have grown used to people being there all the time and will just swim right up to you if you jump in. No wonder it is one of the top things to do in Bimini.

Ocean Life and Shark Lab: Bimini is known as one of the top fishing locations in the world. The game fish, sharks, and bonefish are three of Bimini’s top underwater attractions. There are multiple restaurants throughout the island where you can bring your freshly caught fish and they will turn it into a tasty meal. The Bimini Shark Lab is a renowned marine biological field station known for its research on sharks and stingrays. Bonefish charters are a popular pastime.

“Fountain of Youth?”: Bimini is also supposedly the home of the Fountain of Youth. It is said that in the 1500s while in Puerto Rico, the natives informed Ponce de Leon that the Fountain of Youth was located on Bimini and that the spring supposedly “restored youth to older persons who bathed in or drank its waters.”

things to do in biminiHealing Hole: Another somewhat mythical attraction in Bimini is the Healing Hole. Only accessible by boat, this freshwater pond is protected by mangroves and surrounded by saltwater. It has been proven that the well does, in fact, have healing properties due to significant amounts of lithium, sulfur, and alpha radiation in the water. It is also said to allegedly be linked to the lost city of Atlantis.

Getting Around: When in Bimini the recommended mode of transportation is via golf cart. There are several places to rent golf carts from and you see both locals and tourists zipping around the island on them.  It’s the best way to get from one end of the island to the other.

Must-See: As you’re passing through the one main road, you need to make sure you stop at the iconic Joe’s Conch Shack, which is almost in the center of the island. Joe’s is a Bimini landmark and the place to go for freshly made conch salad, conch fritters, and an ice cold Kalik beer. You can see the giant pile of empty conch shells piled out back and sign your name along with everyone else’s if you can find a blank spot anywhere on the building.

things to do in biminiConsidering I travel to Bimini around two to three times a year, I would say it is an incredible vacation destination, with many unique places to go and things to do. Whether you would just like to relax on the sunny beach or dive in the beautiful Bimini blue waters, there is something for everyone on Bimini.

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