Relationship Building / By Mehmet Dogan

Author: gatelesis

In a world of on-line bidding and RFPs there is nothing that replaces the importance of a relationship with your customer especially for GA Telesis in the EurAsia Region. The importance of culture in EurAsia and the Levant is very important in relationship creation and network formation.  This region will account for a large portion of new global aviation purchasing power. In a market with the world’s largest population that consists of all of the worlds growth markets for new assets & fleet development.


All regions value relationships differently and how they use these to develop, maintain, and extend the business values vary greatly according to cultural stereotypes based on developing to developed countries. Growing up in Western Society and having roots in the Near East has given me a good mix to adapt in multiple cultures, these attributes help me to bridge the Gap between East and West. There is a long list of cultural etiquette that plays a key role in regards to customer interaction and valuable feedback.


The Silk Road and its roots have defined a business culture that has transpired and evolved in the last 3 millennium. The generosity and offer of tea for example is very significant in the beginning of the relationship.  Our regional customers and their hospitality shown to us on all levels is shown in the offering of a cup of coffee or tea. Afterwards let the countless negotiations on TAT, Quality, and most important PRICE begin. Turkish coffee is a national drink, and with tea or coffee the offer is a gesture of hospitality. You must always accept a drink even if you just take a few sips.  Our customers usually offer preferred advantages to do business with those they trust, like, and respect.


In Turkey the culture is so ingrained that without a cultural relationship there is always a wall that needs to be broken down. The first impression the same as well with its cultural etiquette of much significance can impact the relationship for many years. Without having this relationship it is very difficult to succeed just with online contacts and communication. You must always strive to improve communication for non-work related topics and events throughout the year as this is an expectation from the customer.


GA Telesis Eurasia was a strategic long term regional project for corporate branding in a New Territory.  For many years the world of e-commerce and electronic communication did not have the same influence as an onsite presence that GA Telesis Eurasia has provided. In its early stages, it has shown the potential with its cultural relationships to be an Intelligent Solutions Provider for its Partners in Aviation.