Rejuvenation… – By Russ Shelton

Author: gatelesis

A spa is generally thought to offer health and beauty treatments through steam baths, exercise, and massage to rejuvenate and restore. Humans generally don’t have bird strikes, oil leaks or turbine distress, but engines do, and like their human comparisons, they benefit greatly from trips to the SPAH.

Our SPAH technically performs continue time workscopes (though we do have saunas in our Helsinki shop). These focus on removals, which typically do not address life limits; hence, “continue time.”

SPAH workscopes typically target the root causes of roughly 25% of all engine removals.

We work with our customers to diagnose and specifically design a plan to fix the identified problems. The work is performed in distinct workshops in either Helsinki or Wilmington by dedicated mechanics and engineers. The objective is to return engines to service within the shortest amount of time possible with the least cost.

The average SPAH is around $400K. Logistics and transportation can become a huge portion of the overall shop visit expense.

Our two locations are positioned within reasonable trucking distances, thus turning air expenses into trucking charges at a fraction of the cost.

A recent example illustrates the scope of service provided by GA Telesis. A customer took delivery of two aircraft during a change in ownership.

All four engines were boroscoped.

Two were serviceable. The other two were diagnosed. One engine remained in the “Specialized Performance Aeroengine Hospital” (the full name of our SPAH) for a relatively straightforward top case. The other was transferred to the main shop for a full performance shop visit. The SPAH was returned in twenty days. While the performance work obviously took longer, our customer was able to go into service quickly with the use of a single spare engine.

Rejuvenate your fleet and keep flying with a visit to the SPAH.