Our Environment and the Aviation Industry / By Dr.Andreas Bauer

Author: gatelesis

The current goal of an aerospace manufacturer is to make new aircraft and jet engines more efficient.  They now use less energy and are producing less noise and lower emission levels than their predecessors.  At GA Telesis – we are committed to the same goal – using less energy and becoming more efficient.  We are committed to initiating projects and implementing higher standards in an effort to protect the environment by taking a leadership position and reducing our carbon footprint.

Let’s go for a deeper dive into the green initiatives at GA Telesis.  We believe this list to be truly effective and sustainable:

  • Installation of motion sensors for all of the lights in our office space and distribution centers. Lights that are left on while unrequired is one of the most erroneous wastes of energy in our society.
  • Changing from fluorescent lights to LED lights saves significant energy. With so many LED options, we were able to find the proper lights with LUX and Lumen to generate the amount of light required.  This also produced significant savings in the number of kilowatt-hours.
  • Upgrading our HVAC (air condition) units to Wi-Fi controlled units with smart schedules and timers.
  • We are continually working on increasing our recycling quota by separating garbage and recycling, we can redirect resources back into the reuse-cycle
  • Installation of eco-friendly, low consumption automatic flush valves for the bathrooms and faucets to save water.
  • Distributing reusable cups to our team members. Each GA Telesis employee receives a coffee cup on their first day. Now we don’t have to waste endless amounts of paper or plastic cups.

Our activities help to conserve natural resources and save energy.

The fact is energy-use reductions lead to a decrease in carbon emissions and therefore saving trees. With our very simple carbon-reducing energy initiatives, our calculation results in emission reduction compared to 40 passenger cars. That is just in one of our 34 global locations, and we are taking steps at each and every single site. It’s incredible to put this into perspective and understand our opportunities and the impact we’re making to save energy and protect the environment.  There is only one planet Earth!

We encourage our aviation community to all do their part to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to urbanforestrynetwork.org, if every American family planted one tree, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced by one billion pounds annually. This equates to almost 5 percent of the amount that human activity pumps into the atmosphere each year.