Moving and Shaking the Industry through Engineering / by Fabian Robinson

Author: gatelesis

As the world continues to reshape itself while combating COVID-19, everyone is looking to distinguish between the optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the solution to recovering our industry after this pandemic. One thing that connects both viewpoints is that everyone is anxious to restore their sense of equilibrium and normalcy; for the GA Telesis family, we believe that the safest, swiftest, and most effortless ways of achieving this is through Engineering.

Engineering makes an important contribution to every facet of our business. Recognizing this, the GA Telesis engineering team has amplified its extensive use of Lean Management tools. Doing so allows us to maintain the production of high-quality products at competitive market prices.

We pride ourselves in the goods and services we offer, therefore finding solutions to repairing damaged components instead of replacing the unit is our primary goal. If there is a cost-saving, we will explore the benefits and flow the savings to our clients. Our customers have seen savings north of 60% when a component is repaired instead of being replaced. We achieve these savings by conducting structural analysis, substantiation, and utilizing our in-house capabilities such as welding, machining, NDT, and autoclave curing. Our customized repairs are tailored to be accepted by both the FAA DER as well as the OEM, depending on our customer preference.

In addition to being an innovative business leader, GA Telesis invests engineering resources in implementing 6S methodology. Using the 6S’s improvement tools, which are sort, set in order, sweep, standardize, sustain, and safety, we are continuously improving our processes by reducing waste such as waiting times, rework, and redundancy. These initiatives result in lower labor costs, improved TAT (turnaround time), and employee engagement. Our industrial engineers conduct cost and process analysis to provide technicians with all resources within reach to be efficient and implement electronic solutions to assist in daily functions. Empowering our employees with the right tools yields not only a quality product but also a great team environment.

With the pandemic driving passenger traffic sharply down, commercial carriers are venturing into transporting cargo. With that said, airlines need their fleet operational and not parked for repairs. GA Telesis’ GO-Team is always ready to support any customer wherever their location at a moment’s notice. Our engineering team has developed repair procedures, both permanent and temporary depending on the scope of the damage to support our technician in conducting repairs that will keep the aircraft in-service.  These repairs are all supported with structural substantiation and certification needed to have the aircraft compliant and ready for release back to service.

Engineering plays an intricate role in GA Telesis’ success and operation as we support our clients. Our extensive range of capabilities has allowed us to continuously assist airlines of all sizes with tailored repairs and lower cost material replacement and solutions.  Applying these fundamentals has allowed GA Telesis to provide a quality and reliable product at a competitive price.