Investing in our TEAM by Ben Macre

Author: gatelesis

If you follow aviation news, you will know that GA Telesis has continued to invest in its business despite the ongoing pandemic.  In the last year, you have seen press releases announcing that GA Telesis has acquired a fleet of 777 aircraft for future part out and lease and converted two 737-800’s from passenger to freighter configuration. GAT has also launched several new divisions: GAT Logistics Solutions Group (shipping and warehousing) and Tarmac Solutions Group (tooling and ground support equipment). 

While we do not shy away from press releases or LinkedIn posts (shout out to the best marketing team in the business), you would not have heard or seen much about what I believe to be GA Telesis’s most important investment:  OUR PEOPLE.

GA Telesis invests in its team members in many ways including, making sure we have everything we need to do our jobs efficiently, providing us an environment where we feel appreciated, and most importantly, providing training.

At GA Telesis MRO Services, we completed over 4000 hours of training in 2020.  I want to be clear that these hours represent one of five divisions within GA Telesis.  This training includes typical classes on our repair station manuals, shelf life, calibration, and Foreign Object Debris, and topics like Change Management, Team Dynamics, Health and Wellness, and Effective Meetings.  GA Telesis also offers mentoring to team members who need assistance in specific areas of development or that are seen as fast movers.

GA Telesis also offers a tuition reimbursement program for those seeking to continue their education outside of work.

Why do I think this investment in training and education is so essential to our future?  Taking the time to train employees will improve skills and knowledge, increase productivity, and improve performance. It will give us uniform work processes (standard work is important in any LEAN environment). It will reduce waste (another LEAN must), helping employees feel engaged and valued. If my thoughts are not enough to convince you, then do a quick Google search for “Benefits of Training.” lists the following benefits from training:

  1. Boosts Employee Performance
  2. Improved Morale and Job Satisfaction
  3. Encourages Innovation and Risk Acceptance
  4. Boosts Adherence to Quality Standards
  5. Instills Consistency in Work Atmosphere
  6. Reduces Employee Turnover

(I may have just given away some of the GA secret sauce!)

LinkedIn will show you that GA Telesis MRO Services has invested in not one but two autoclaves to ensure we can support our customers post-pandemic. But I want to emphasize that GA Telesis recognizes that our most important assets are our people and that we are investing in them as well.

P.S. If this sounds like a company you would like to be a part of, we are currently hiring.  Please check out the GA Telesis website at