Inventory and Asset Management Using GA Telesis’ Adaptability and Global Reach / By Dave Dicken

Author: gatelesis

Inventory management places one of the largest burdens on the aviation industry.  Specifically, holding a robust spare parts inventory is a major facet in fleet reliability, but also in keeping the aircraft as technologically current as possible.

As airlines progress towards fleet renewals, they look to modern technology to bring new life to their operations, through technology, cost savings, and passenger experiences. However, the fleet transition is often disconnected from the elements of the operation that support it, such as inventory, tooling, and infrastructure. What ultimately may occur is that the airline is faced with a significant book value issue of parts related to a fleet of aircraft that was either sold or returned from lease. What happens to the parts can be a somewhat delicate and costly balance between prudent asset management and focusing on integrating a new aircraft fleet with an entirely new inventory to support it. Similarly, OEMs and distributors of parts may face a similar challenge as parts levels increase while fleet levels decrease, there develops an imbalance between supporting older previous technology fleet operators and components while also maintaining inventory for the newest technology. In these cases, it is important for the airline to pass the inventory burden onto the companies that specialize in inventory management and redistribution.  From this need in the market, GA Telesis has created several proprietary methods of inventory and asset management that have become prevalent with some of the world’s largest airlines.

The key task an airline is faced with is maximizing the value of the inventory and fleet assets.  Unfortunately, the often-colossal size of an airline’s fleet component inventory is so large that they are most often faced with selling at a book loss. However, phasing out older inventory does not have to be a burden, and quite often any loss can be deferred by selecting a GA Telesis asset management program that is focused on the maximization of the inventory’s value. These strategies also work with fleet assets such as aircraft and spare jet engines.

The GA Telesis solutions are turnkey and focused on execution and return of capital. Our years of experience, our global positioning and partner network allow GA Telesis to strategically and efficiently provide our airline customers with asset liquidity in short order.  Over the past 15 years, GA Telesis has returned over $500 million in net proceeds to airlines through the use of their proprietary strategies. There is a reason why the world’s largest and most successful airlines use GA Telesis services for inventory and fleet disposal. Please give us the opportunity to evaluate your inventory and fleet assets.  You will not be disappointed.

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