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Team of Industry Pros Join GA Telesis LIFT Group

Author: gatelesis

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, January 29, 2019 GA Telesis, LLC (“GA Telesis” or “the Company”) announced today that a team, comprised of senior asset leasing and trading executives, has joined its LIFT Group (Leasing, Investments, Finance and Trading Group).

Stuart Cauff, Luis Ayala, and Jonathan Cauff, formerly principals at Jet Trading and Leasing (“JTL”), were all named Managing Directors of GA TelesisAsset Transaction Group, the leasing and trading division of the LIFT Group. These three industry veterans, with an aggregate of more than 70 years of industry experience, have concluded in excess of $11 billion of commercial jet aircraft and engine transactions. Founded in 2006, by its principals, JTL acted as arranger and investor on hundreds of asset transactions.

Stuart Cauff has over 38 years of experience and is considered a pioneer in the leasing sector, starting his career as a founder of Cauff, Lippman Aviation, which was sold to leasing industry roll-up Unicapital Corporation in 1998.

Luis Ayala originally began his career in the industry more than 25 years ago, first at Cauff, Lippman Aviation, followed by Unicapital Corporation, then AWAS.

Jonathan Cauff started his career in aviation more than 15 years ago, first in corporate aviation, with the last 12 years at JTL.

The new team will be based at the Company’s Ft. Lauderdale Headquarters. However, they will become a part of GA TelesisAsset Transaction Group that is based in Denver, Colorado.

GA Telesis is very pleased to welcome this accomplished team to our LIFT Group,” said Marc Cho, Chief Investment Officer and President of LIFT.  “Stuart, Luis, and Jonathan are of the highest caliber in terms of transaction origination and investment management. Their existing and longstanding relationship with the Company will make this transition seamless.”

“We have been working on deals and co-investments with the GA Telesis team for over a decade and our fundamental investment philosophies are aligned,” said Stuart Cauff.  “This new chapter will see us integrating with the LIFT team and helping GA Telesis grow, to solidify its already industry-leading position.”

Abdol Moabery President and CEO of GA Telesis added, “We’ve done interesting and profitable transactions through the years with Stu, Luis and Jonathan as buyer, seller and financier. Having them join the GA Telesis team is a win-win for all of us.”

About GA Telesis LIFT

LIFT is the group within the GA Telesis Ecosystem responsible for Leasing, Investments, Finance & Trading through its business units ATG, LFG and CMG.  The Asset Transaction Group (ATG) engages in aircraft and engine leasing and trading.  The Leveraged Financing Group (LFG) is a direct lending platform that provides senior debt, sub-debt and uni-tranche financing solutions for lessors, investors, and airlines.  The Capital Management Group (CMG) oversees the management of third-party investor capital including the GAIN 1 and 2 vehicle.

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