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GA Telesis Plans to Deliver Renewed Confidence in Air Travel Through its New Global Distribution Agreement with Honeywell for a State-of-the-Art UV Cabin System

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September 30, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – In an effort to help restore confidence to the flying public, GA Telesis, LLC, has teamed with Honeywell and entered into a distribution agreement to act as a global distributor for their Honeywell UV Cabin System. This partnership is another step in the development of GA Telesis’ Tarmac Solutions Group‘s ability to offer a fully comprehensive Specialized Tooling and Ground Support Equipment solution for airlines around the world.

The Honeywell UV Cabin System utilizes Ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly traverse an aircraft cabin, galleys & lavatories in less than ten minutes.  In addition to measures already being taken by airlines in flight like the use of cabin air exchange and HEPA filters, this new system, when properly applied, reduces certain viruses and bacteria on airplane cabin surfaces and can assist in creating a cleaner environment for passengers and crew after the airplane lands and before each flight. The Honeywell UV Cabin  System is intended to help instill confidence to business and leisure travelers as air traffic continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“From the beginning of this pandemic, the GA Telesis Flight Solutions Group team wanted to be a part of the solution in getting people back on airplanes.  This new product helps do just that,”  said Jason Reed, President of the Flight Solutions Group. “Our partnership with Honeywell has been strong for years, and we are excited to work with them by adding this new product line to our Tarmac Solutions Group toolbox.”

“Since we launched the Honeywell UV Cabin System just a few months ago we have seen immediate and continuing interest from airlines around the world,” said Brian Davis, vice president of sales, Honeywell Aerospace. “This agreement with GA Telesis will help us more quickly and efficiently deliver this much-needed technology to airlines and operators across the globe with a trusted channel partner that has established airline relationships.”

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