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GA Telesis Launches SNAP – World’s Largest Nacelle System Component Access Program for Airbus, Boeing (including Douglas) and Bombardier Components

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GA Telesis Launches SNAP – World’s Largest Nacelle System Component Access Program for Airbus, Boeing (including Douglas) and Bombardier Components

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis LLC (“GAT”) announced the launch of its SNAP (Strategic Nacelle Access Program) program. GA Telesis and its subsidiaries GA Telesis Composite Repair Group and GA Telesis Component Repair Group SE have developed a program to support airlines worldwide with a solutions-based approach to support airlines’ nacelle and nacelle actuation needs.

The SNAP program will give immediate access to airlines operating all Airbus, Boeing (inclusive of Douglas), and limited Bombardier platforms with access to GA Telesis’ existing inventory of nacelle systems combined with its expert nacelle repair and overhaul business. GA Telesis currently maintains the world’s most comprehensive and independent ready-to-go inventory of nacelle systems. The pool will have multiple access points in North America, South America, Europe, and China and will have 24/7/365 dispatch capabilities. In addition to immediate nacelle access, airline customers are provided immediate cost savings through fixed-rate, menu-driven, repair programs that are custom-tailored to each airlines specific maintenance program.

“Airlines will now have a one-stop solution to support their nacelle needs across multiple fleet types,” said Paul Lochab, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales.

“Our program is designed to meet each airline’s specific needs factoring in aircraft platform, geographical location, desired dispatch response time and maintenance program,” said Russell Bonnell, President of GA Telesis Component MRO Businesses. “We have the unique capability of leveraging GA Telesis’ nacelle inventory to provide our customers with high-quality, low-cost solutions to airlines and asset leasing companies worldwide,” he added.

GA Telesis has recently announced explosive growth and expansion plans in all areas of its businesses. Recently GA Telesis announced the launch of its Beijing based joint-venture with Air China creating the largest integrated aircraft component solutions and disassembly company in Asia. Additionally, GA Telesis announced its execution of its CLA’s thus allowing it to move forward on its acquisition of Finnair Engines Services; one of Europe’s leading engine heavy maintenance providers.

GA Telesis is one of the world’s largest providers of products, financial services, and supply-chain solutions to the aerospace industry. A global leader, GA Telesis provides structured financial services to the global aviation investment community and airlines while it also has extensive aerospace replacement component sales, distribution, and maintenance operations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China. GA Telesis provides asset management services specializing in commercial aircraft and jet engine leasing and trading with over USD $1 billion in assets under management.

For additional info: please contact Paul Lochab, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales