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GA Telesis Flight Solutions Group’s Maylin Salgado Awarded the Champion Award from ASA

Author: mhayes

June 22, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, FloridaGA Telesis (“GAT”), the pioneering leader in integrated aviation services, announces that Maylin Salgado, VP of ESG and Global Quality Systems at GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group has been honored by Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) by receiving the Champion Award for Quality Professional.  The award is presented annually to an individual who represents all aspects of outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation quality and safety.

“I am truly honored to be recognized by my peers in the industry for such a great award which spans the supplier base around the world,” said Maylin Salgado.  “I make every effort to ensure our commitment to our customers, our supplier partners, the environment, and our staff is one that works as a quality Ecosystem, benefiting all players equally and safely,” said Salgado.

“This certainly comes as no surprise witnessing, first hand, the passion, work ethic, and dedication from Maylin everyday within GA Telesis,” said Jason Reed, President of Flight Solutions Group.  “Maylin helped build our quality system from the ground up to what it is today, including all approvals for ASA, AFRA, AS9120, ISO14001 and CAMAC.  We have always been at the forefront of all quality aspects in the aftermarket ensuring our part in the world of aviation safety.  We couldn’t be prouder to have her on our team,” said Reed.

About GA Telesis 

GA Telesis is the leading provider of integrated services in the commercial aviation industry. Through the GA Telesis Ecosystem™, the Company is distinctly positioned, across six continents, to leverage its resources to create innovative solutions for its customers. Consisting of global operations encompassing leasing/financing, component solutions, and MRO Services business units for landing gear, component/composite, and turbine engine repair, as well as digital solutions, the GA Telesis Ecosystem™ provides an unparalleled resource to airlines. The Company’s core business is its mission to ensure “Customer Success,” built from a reputation for unsurpassed excellence and integrity.

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