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GA Telesis Announces the Disassembly of an Additional CF6-80C2 Engine

Author: gatelesis

September 23, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces the disassembly of a CF6-80C2 engine. The engine was a lease return sourced from the Company’s Asset Transaction Group lease pool and will be managed by GAT’s Component Solutions Group (CSG).

Following disassembly and repair, the used serviceable material (USM) will be made available to GA Telesis’ airline and MRO customers worldwide within the next 45 days. The CF6 is one of the most popular engines in CSG’s USM inventory, with over 200 of this engine-type disassembled by the group.  In the face of the enormous downturn in the aviation industry, GAT continues to lead the way with opportunistic acquisitions and creative solutions for our airline and MRO partners’ future. This latest teardown will add to the growing USM inventory to provide new cost savings for the market for years to come.

“The part out of this engine is a strong indicator of our continued commitment to providing cost-effective solutions to the worldwide CF6 market and ensures lower maintenance costs for our customers,” commented Alex Tuttle, Chief Operating Officer, Component Solutions Group.  “We have a line of sight to another 100 engines of various models in the coming months and will be at the forefront of providing additional USM material from those engines for the short- and long-term future.”

About Component Solutions Group

GA Telesis’ Component Solutions Group (CSG) is a global integrator of component supply-solutions operating in the aviation sector serving over 3,000 customers worldwide with sales and services including aircraft and engine component support, asset management, flight-hour programs, repair management, inventory lease/finance, vendor management, and other unique tailor-made supply-chain solutions.  CSG is the only company of its type to have significant component distribution operations on four continents and customer support offices positioned on six continents. With the addition of its ACCESS flight control management and iGEAR flight-hour solutions, CSG can manage a customer’s complete supply chain needs.

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