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GA Telesis Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Honeywell for Embraer E-Jet and E-Jet E2 Avionics

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July 13, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces a further expansion of its global distribution agreements with Honeywell as the exclusive provider of avionics components for Embraer E-Jet and E-Jet E2 aircraft. This latest agreement with Honeywell is another example of the strong relationship with GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group (“FSG”) in support of the new aviation parts market, first announced in October 2020 to distribute the CFM56-5B Variable Bleed Valve Stop Mechanism.

The seven-year E-Jet agreement, with an option for a five-year extension, is effective immediately. This new product line will permit FSG to supply a large suite of avionics for the Embraer E-Jet / E-Jet E2 family globally.

“The new parts distribution market is a cornerstone of our distribution expansion strategy, ensuring airlines around the globe have access to new cost-effective maintenance solutions. In addition, it complements our used serviceable material component inventory,” commented Jason Reed, President of GA Telesis FSG.

“Since the inception of our Honeywell distribution relationship, we have seen an overwhelming response by our customers. We are pleased to be a repeat partner with the continued growth of our partnership and product offerings for our mutual global customer base,” said Fred Sontag, Vice President of Sales, Americas, within the Flight Solutions Group.

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