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GA Telesis Acts as Structuring Agent for the Acquisition and Financing of Ten Boeing Aircraft for a Major US Airline

Author: gatelesis

January 21, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, FloridaGA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) acts as Structuring Agent for the successful acquisition and financing of ten Boeing aircraft for a major US Airline.

GAT facilitated the acquisition of ten Boeing aircraft by a major US Airline last month. GAT, as Structuring Agent, negotiated the purchase and arranged the financing from a US bank to fund the transaction.

“This transaction was a great opportunity for our experienced team to identify, structure, and arrange a compelling aircraft acquisition for one of our valued airline clients,” commented Marc Cho, President of GA TelesisLeasing Investment Financing & Trading (LIFT) Group. “This transaction is a prime example of the diverse suite of products and capabilities of the LIFT Group in addition to aircraft and engine leasing and trading,” he added.

About GA Telesis

LIFT is the group within the GA Telesis Ecosystem responsible for Leasing, Investments, Finance & Trading through its business units ATG, LFG, and CMG. The Asset Transaction Group (ATG) engages in aircraft and engine leasing and trading. The Leveraged Financing Group (LFG) is a direct lending platform that provides senior debt, sub-debt, and uni-tranche financing solutions for lessors, investors, and airlines. The Capital Management Group (CMG) oversees the management of third-party investor capital including the GAIN 1 and 2 vehicle.

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