GA Telesis maintains one of the world’s largest ready-to-go aircraft, engine, APU, and consumable parts inventory. Leading airlines and MRO’s around the globe choose The Flight Solutions Group because we offer an uncompromising level of selection, life requirements, logistics, quality, and overall reliability. Our customers know that they can count on us to deliver the right part, the right service, or the right solution every time.

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Aircraft Power Systems | Aircraft Structures

AIRFRAME Solutions

The Airframe Solutions team supplies replacement parts and inventory management services for all major aircraft structure component manufacturers. Our team has unparalleled technical and commercial expertise and has completed more than 475 airframe disassemblies.

We offer one of the world’s most extensive component listings, including:

Navigation Equipment
Quick Engine Change (QEC) and Engine Accessories
Hydraulic Actuation Systems
Electromechanical Servo Controls
Hydro-Mechanical Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Landing Gear, Wheel & Brake Systems
Fuel Systems
Flight Surfaces/ Aircraft Structures
Line Replacement Units (LRU)

We back each of these components with the highest level of quality, airworthiness, and traceability documentation, as well as assign all relative warranties.

Engine Solutions

The Engine Solutions team offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for jet engine replacement parts and modules. We maintain one of the world’s largest and most complete inventories of commercial jet engine parts and we have disassembled over 850 commercial and regional aircraft engines. Our in-house engineers, product line managers, and procurement planners work with customers to plan for relevant workscopes and shop visits in order to reduce overall maintenance costs.


Our industry-expert Sales Teams and Product Line Managers within the Engine Solutions team also work onsite to develop flexible, planned inventory programs that best meet our customers’ maintenance planning needs.


Our proprietary ERP solutions allow us to analyze and evaluate customers’ inventories, as well as life requirements, turning excess parts and engines into cost savings.


At GA Telesis our Engine Solutions team’s technical expertise and maintenance planning know-how are characteristics that our customers have come to expect and rely upon.

POWER Solutions

Within the Flight Solutions Group, our goal is to serve as the one-stop shop for all of your material needs. Over the past several years, our company has invested substantial resources and capital to increase our selection of product lines. Our newly formed Power Solutions team consists of a dedicated team of professionals that focus solely on the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) needs of our customers.

Although sometimes a contractual support item, the Power Solutions team has created a niche product line that allows more flexibility to buy, sell, exchange, and lease APUs. Our entry into the market has been a great success in creating opportunities for our customers to have less downtime and more power on time for their aircraft. The Aircraft Power Systems Solutions team treats your APU exchange and lease needs with speed and ease. Our one-page support agreement allows customers to solve their APU needs quickly while allowing shipment within 4 hours.

Our Power Solutions team offers a range of products for sale, lease, or exchange, including:

  • 131-9A, 131-9B
  • 331-200, 331-350, 331-500, 331-600
  • APS3200
  • APS2300
  • Multiple other regional, single aisle, and wide body specific needs


Having the right part ready at the right time requires a vast repair and logistics network. Our Repair Management teams manage over 400 various suppliers around the globe supporting all aspects of airframe, engine and APU repairs. These teams manage our supply chain through a creative combination of both supplier contractual conditions merged with volume incentives that take into account managing multiple customer products simultaneously.


In addition, GA Telesis has the unique ability to manage in-house repairs via its MRO Services brand. Our teams manage all repairs in the field of electrical power, servo control, electronic, pneumatic, electromechanical, hydraulic, fuel, landing gear, radome, composite, and various other capabilities. Minimizing Turn Around Time is what we do best.


The Repair Management team has the ability to evaluate all of your dedicated disassembly and third party repair management needs. Whether it be an entire aircraft, engine, or APU, we can do all the work for you.


Landing gear management can be one of the toughest tasks on an aircraft. Our Landing Gear teams have both the technical and commercial know-how to support even the most challenging of tasks. Together with our expertise and our capital, the Landing Gear management team has assembled a dedicated pool of both single-aisle and widebody gear pools which are available for sale, exchange, or lease.


Working together with our customers, our experts work to ensure your dedicated downtime is well managed. Our team can put together a simple roll-around gear, provide a repair management solution for a removed unit, or provide a full sale, exchange, or leased unit to ensure your aircraft is flying on time.


When working with our team on repair management solutions, we will manage all documentation requirements as needed for the transaction. Together with our MRO and OEM resources, we can ensure all necessary trace, Back to Birth, and life requirements needs are fulfilled. Trust our experts to handle your next landing gear solution.

Consumable & expendables

Within the Flight Solutions Group, our goal is to serve as the one-stop shop for all your material needs. One key area of our growth is ensuring we have a larger on-hand inventory level of consumables and expendables. Our Consumable and Expendable team (C&E) consists of a dedicated team of professionals that focus solely on the C&E material requirements of our customers.


GA Telesis appreciates that C&E parts can comprise a significant portion of our customers’ daily requirements. We know that the smallest bolt or washer can keep your aircraft on the ground just as quickly as an unserviceable engine.


The C&E team treats your requirements with the utmost urgency. All materials in our C&E team inventory have undergone our company’s rigorous quality control processes and the majority of our inventory is in new surplus condition.


GA Telesis is committed to the highest level of C&E support by working with its suppliers and customers across the globe to ensure that all their parts requirements are met.


Our C&E group offers a range of programs and services, including:


  • Scrap Replacement
  • Inventory Management Programs
  • Purchase of Customer Surplus Material
  • Consignment of Customer Surplus Material
  • C&E Parts Redistribution
  • Package Support Programs

Distribution SOLUTIONS

Our Distribution Solutions team focuses on OEM parts distribution solutions for our global customer base. When Used Serviceable Material (USM) is not a requirement, partnering with the Flight Solutions Group also allows you to install new. Together with our USM global product lines, the Distribution Solutions team has the ability to evaluate and stock new product line solutions, comprising the ability to satisfy 100% of the world’s airlines material needs.


GA Telesis is globally positioned to deploy capital in all areas of aviation, including large distributorships with some of the world’s largest OEMs. Our teams are constantly evaluating new partnerships and adding new product lines to ensure airlines, MROs, and OEMs are working in step for aviation parts reliability. Today, the Distribution Solutions team ships tens of thousands of new parts monthly from all of our local distribution facilities.

inventory lease
& management solutions

Our Flight Solutions Group understands that airlines are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to reduce the Cost per Available Seat Mile (CASM).


Our Lease & Inventory Management Solutions team assists airlines in managing overall inventories in order to lower carrying costs and improve overall spare parts availability.


The internal experts and analysts on the Lease and Inventory Management team work with our global customers to identify the best alternatives where needed and to design custom programs to lower your inventory levels, all while increasing dispatch reliability.


Our sales, lease, and consignment management teams, together with our distribution facilities, are strategically positioned around the globe to provide rapid and cost-optimized solutions. Our team of seasoned professionals maximizes customers’ value by creating ground-breaking inventory solutions.


The Lease & Inventory Management Solutions team offers flexible structuring programs, including:


  • Inventory Leasing
  • Inventory Purchase and Lease-Back
  • Forward Purchases
  • Inventory Consignments
  • Inventory Repair Programs
  • Disassembly and Repair Management Solutions
  • Tailored Inventory Management Services


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