Employee Empowerment and Involvement / by Kevin Daugherty

Author: gatelesis

Aviation is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries in the world.  Whether it is passengers or cargo, we are tasked to deliver on time, every time.  To achieve these goals and grow into an industry leader, it takes a lot of work, a little luck, and, most importantly, a team that shares and values the company ethos.  When we all strive towards the same goal, we don’t have to push people to succeed; we merely focus their energy in the right direction.

Employee Empowerment and Involvement is a core component of the culture here at GA Telesis MRO Services.  We encourage individuals to be involved in many day-to-day aspects of the business and give them a platform to present their ideas for improvements and progress.  Having this transparency promotes forward-thinking and innovation while still allowing individuals to work within their comfort zone.

I have personally witnessed this cultural push to build individual responsibility and self-motivation throughout our GA Telesis family.  We have always been told to hire attitude as skills can be taught, and having the right people with the right set of tools is a recipe for continued success. These efforts continually improve our productivity and overall business moral.  GA Telesis MRO Services continues to tip the creative scale forward by offering an open workplace on all employee levels. 

I continually follow a few guidelines to keep the culture of Employee Empowerment and Involvement at the forefront:

  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: From a Leadership position down, we must all do what we say if we expect the same in return. 
  • ENCOURAGE COMMUNICATION: Every single idea, whether big or small, is valuable.  Listening is also an essential asset to learning / improving.  We must also not be afraid to ask questions!      
  • ATTITUDE: Conduct each day with a positive outlook and attitude.  A positive attitude is very contagious in a TEAM first atmosphere. 
  • FOCUS: Maintain focus and have a common goal amongst the TEAM.
  • TRUST / RESPECT: Trust is big.  Micromanaging can quickly overtake a process or project if trust and respect are not established.  
  • COACHING / MENTORSHIP: Coaching can identify bumps in the road and help individuals see through or around obstacles.   

Aviation is a continually evolving industry with a long history of peaks and valleys.  Giving individuals the proper tools and ability to voice their ideas and see those ideas come to fruition encourages employees to continue to offer solutions and improvements across the business.  With Employee Empowerment in place, our role as management is to nurture employee input and mold it into everyday practice.  Barbara Kingsolver said it best, “I never learned anything from listening to myself.”