Don’t Stop – Continue / by Abdol Moabery

Author: gatelesis

I just got a call from a vendor thanking me for GA Telesis’ renewal of an agreement for next year.  I told him that while I felt bad asking for a lower price in the form of a discount, it was the only way we could get it into the budget.  He came back and explained that he was doing everything he could to keep his doors open and his team employed and that my renewal would help him make that happen.  This conversation led me to think about our organization’s planning on cutting out versus having a discussion and creating a win-win with our vendors and partners.

Let’s take a step back.  At GA Telesis there isn’t a lot of fluff in our business, and we run a tight ship as it relates to expenses.  Therefore, does a sudden drop in business mean that I could do without the things that helped GA Telesis become successful?  Now, to be clear, there are always things an organization can do without, and there are certainly ways one can create a workaround to get through a tough period.  However, in a time where our nation’s economy, where our world economy is relying on one another, why not give it a try.

Why not ask this question: “My business is looking to reduce expenses, and our agreement with your company is in jeopardy. I do see the value in the product/services you offer, so maybe we can talk about lower pricing until things get better for both of us?”

Inevitably I think a new deal structure gets worked out in most cases, and if not, you can cancel whatever it is, if they say no.

Let’s keep each other alive during these difficult times. DON’T STOP – CONTINUE.