Capital Management

GA Telesis Capital Management is uniquely equipped to manage investments across a broad spectrum of aviation assets for investors around the globe. Our capital management team benefits from the vast resources of the GA Telesis Ecosystem and utilizes the extensive market intel, capabilities, and technical data gathered through the diverse business units of the GA Telesis operating company to optimize returns and mitigate risk.


GA Telesis is a unique combination of a world-class investment and asset management platform with market-leading leasing, parts, and MRO business. GA Telesis Capital Management provides aviation investors with direct access to the benefits of the comprehensive Ecosystem of the GA Telesis platform.


Investments are executed with a disciplined approach, incorporating multiple exit strategies with strong downside protection from granular asset valuation.


Institutional investors rely on and partner with GA Telesis to originate and manage a broad range of investments, including private equity, financial instruments, aviation assets on a lease, asset maximization strategies, and trading. Our broad operating platform offers multiple exit strategies for investors and allows us to take advantage of changing and volatile markets. We use our extensive experience and expertise to participate across the entire spectrum of aviation assets and structures.


  • We invest in hard assets both on lease or where a lease can be created.
    • Aircraft, engines, and rotable inventories
  • We invest in soft assets across equity and credit in both public and private transactions.
    • ABS, ETCs, EETCs, Secured Senior, and Mezz Debt

In addition to its global reach, GA Telesis gains direct access to discreet transaction opportunities through its Leasing, MRO and Parts businesses that other fund managers cannot replicate.

The parts and engine businesses provide real trading and market data to the investment and management teams that are unavailable to generalist fund managers and investors.

Financial modeling, structuring and documentation are conducted in tandem with technical expertise and market data, leading to improved structures and enhanced returns.

In-house asset and risk management working in collaboration with technical and legal teams lead to better risk mitigation and asset value optimization.